• Intranet & website development
  • Maintenance & updates
  • New Zealand based hosting
  • Custom solutions to each project to ensure you have something fitting to your needs, rather than another one off the production line


mockup design of UCMe website on serval different sized devices

Developed for the University of Canterbury as a static addition to their current website. Large beautiful images with smooth animation make this a pleasure to navigate.

mockup design of chch central website on serval different sized devices
CHCHCentral - View website

Central Christchurch Business Association showing off inner city businesses. Bold fonts and strong column setup results in an elegant and easy to follow layout that lends itself to a good responsive website. Developed with Wagtail CMS.

mockup design of smudge apps website on serval different sized devices
Smudge apps - View website

Smudge apps has a bit of fun with sticky elements on page scroll and a playful navigation icon. Supplied as a static files to clients who knew what they wanted.

mockup design of west coast tourism website on serval different sized devices
West Coast Tourism NZ - View website

The West Coast is such a beautiful place so it needs a website to do it justice. A reasonably sized project made with Wagtail CMS. It makes use of several API's such as maps, weather and Qualmark. You can store your favourite places, events and suggested itineraries to a suitcase for quick viewing at a glance.

mockup design of all right website on serval different sized devices
All Right? - View website

Built with Django, this is a feel good site. Many projects, tips and research for Cantabrians to improve their mental health and wellbeing as the region recovers from the earthquakes.

mockup design of west coast wilderness website on serval different sized devices
West Coast Wilderness Trail - View website

Who doesn't like riding a bike through beautiful landscapes. Built with Django for easy client editing. A bit more than a brochure site. This has been described as having good punch, easy to read and easy to navigate. The circular images are reminiscent of portholes to another place.


  • Jennian Homes
  • Merivale Hand Clinic
  • Milestone Homes
  • IAG


  • Beatfish was founded in 2007. Our team is primarily made up of Elliot and Richard. But Kurt is always hanging about in the wings.